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Dr. Webb has a following of patients, many of whom were more than skeptical about the claims of upper cervical care. Read how upper cervical care has changed their lives.

"I have had problems with my neck for several years and they just got worse until the point I was vomiting. I was taking Darvocet, Demoral, and any other pain killer I could find, 2 or 3 at a time just to help kill the pain and to sleep. I honestly thought about suicide because of the extreme, constant pain for so many years. Dr. Webb examined me thoroughly, took very specific x-rays and found the problem. He started adjusting me about three months ago and I feel 100% better already. Dr. Webb treated me with kindess and respect and as far as I am concerned he is the best chiropractor there is. The entire staff is great, they make the office a very comfortable place to go and I look forward to each visit." KT

"My experience with the Dr. Webb and Palmer Specific Chiropractic has been very positive. I continue to see Dr. Webb on a monthly basis and I have never felt better in my life!" GR

"I have been so satisfied with my results at Dr. Webb's I have sent 5 members of my family ranging from teens to 56 years old. Receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Webb was the best decision of my life. I feel so much more relaxed and comfortable. At 76 years old I'll continue to have adjustments to stay as healthy as possible for the rest of my life." MH

"I have been going to chiropractors for many years.. They have helped me stay healthy. My parents lived to be 96 and 98 years, they took very little medication, but went to a chiropractor regularly. I feel getting an adjustment will keep you in better health. I do not like to take medication and chiropractic keeps me healthy enough so I don't have to take any. Not bad for 82 years old!" VN

"....after 3 or 4 visits the neck pain and headaches I've suffered with for years were gone! Not to mention my wife's severe monthly menstrual crammping stopped after she began care after she saw the amazing change in me. Our whole family is now benefitting from Dr. Cory and Dr. Andy. I really appreciate the fact that docotors takes the time to explain to you the "cause" of your problem and how it affects your body. They have a great staff that really makes you feel like you are part of a big healthy family." PP

"I am a 33 year old mother of three children 7,4, and 2. I have had extreme scoliosis since I was 8 years old. My medical doctor told me I would have to have surgery and wear a back brace for the rest of my life. I was strongly against it! They told me my problems wouldn't start for years, so I didn't do anything at that time. About 7 years ago I began having painful TMJ problems. My jaw would "lock" for hours. My right hip and should also began to become a problem about that time. My grandmother tried to convince me to see her Palmer Specific Chiropractor. I politely listened to her, but had no intention of going because my problems "weren't that bad." The final straw that made me take care of myself care was my hands had become numb and tingly. I was losing my grip and couldn't hold my children without a fear of dropping them. My medical doctor told me I may have MS. I decided to listen to my grandmother and my aunt. After my first visit my numbness in the hands was gone, I was amazed. I guess I didn't have MS! I have been seeing Dr. Webb for about 2 years and I feel great. I truly believe regular chiropractic care is essential to my good health. After attending Dr. Webb's "Half Hour to Health" workshop, I brought in all my family to be checked for subluxations. They no longer have to use their inhalers and we have not needed to see our pediatrition for medication in a year and a half. Thank You Dr. Webb and Thank You Palmer." TD

"My chiropractic doctor is a miracle worker! Thank you Dr. Webb." CB

"I have been employed my MD's for the last 15 years and they had brainwashed me that chiropractors were "quacks." I had been suffering with severe pain in the midback for that entire time. The medical profession just kept giving me the runaround and giving me this pill for this and this pill to counteract the side effects of that. I didn't care what my boss thought of chiropractors I had to do something. My best friend recommended Dr. Webb because of her amazing results. After three weeks of Palmer Specific care, I am almost pain free already. I am off all the medication and back on the road to health. Thank You Health First Chiropractic." ST

"My six year old son has had bedwetting problems since birth. He started with Dr Webb this past January and by May we already saw dramatic improvement in his bedwetting. I know when we return to his pediatrition she will be very surprised. If I had only really understood years ago what I do today, I would have brought my newborns in for their first spinal exam on the way home from the hospital! Healthful journeys to all and keep and open mind. Traditional allopathic medicine is certainly not the only option. Remember we are all responsible for our own health." SS

"All chiroporactors are not created equal. My opinion of the chiropractic community (from past experience) is not favorable, but I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Cory Webb and his methods. I have always found him professional, honest, effective and reasonable." CB

"Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Peter was asleep within 3 minutes of leaving your office and since he woke up he has done nothing but smile, giggle and coo !!!!!" LK

"I have suffered from fibromyalgia for years. I have tried everything. Nothing worked until I tried Palmer Specific upper cervical care. Make the decision to regain your health." JN

"God Bless you and your endeavors to keep people healthy. You have changed our lives forever." TD

"I have been seeing Dr. Webb for years. Be fore coming to Dr. Webb I had migraines and neck pain for years. I also suffered from infertility problems that I had no idea were tied to my nervous system. Dr. Webb explained how every cell, tissue and organ needs to have 100% nerve supply to function correctly. I am happy to say I listened to him. I am now totally pain free, but the bigger result is my happy, healthy two year old son!" DD

"I have had back problems since I was a teenager. If it weren't for chiropractic I would be in a wheelchair or worse by now. Thanks Dr. Cory." LT

"....after having my back adjusted and adhering to a consistant schedule of adjustments for about a year, I have not been back to the hospital and my back problems have all but gone away. I have and do recommend Dr. Webb to all my friends and anyone who is tired of drugs and surgery. Treat the cause, not the symptom. As Dr. Webb would say..."The Power that made the body, heals the body."" RD

"I have had severe migraines for years after a minor car accident. I tried other chiropractors, medical doctors, drugs, shots, traction, everything. I was apprehensive to try chiropractic care again, but my sister-in-law swore by her chiropractor. I didn't even know there are different types of chiropractors! Dr. Webb has literally saved my life. I encourage you to try upper cervical care. If not with him, ask him if he knows someone closer to you. He found us chiropractors who believe the way he does all over the country. He loves his job enough to find you an UC doctor in your area." SS

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