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Providing Superior Health and Wellness Through Chiropractic and Lifestyle in St. Charles, MO.

'Chiropractic care is more than just making pain disappear. The chiropractic lifestyle is about learning, understanding and applying healthy action steps in your daily life so you can express your God-given talents and serve your Purpose to humanity."

Welcome to Health First Wellness Center located in St. Charles, MO!

Our mission is to help you live the longest, healthiest life possible, so you can serve God and humanity at your highest potential. We believe that anyone can benefit from seeking the care of a chiropractor and we are proud to serve all ages of patients in our practice, from children through late adulthood. We specialize in prenatal care for women, pediatrics, as well as sports chiropractic treatments.

Both Dr. Cory Webb and Dr. Andy Webb are athletes and Dr. Cory Webb has worked with many professional and Olympic athletes during his career.

At Health First Wellness Center, we help patients relieve a range of problems and symptoms including headaches, nerve pain, sciatica, back/neck pain, and much more. Seeing a chiropractor is not only useful for acute pains, such as injuries, but is also incredibly effective and helpful for chronic pain. Chiropractic care for issues like chronic pain and headaches can very often help patients reduce or avoid using medications for these problems, and in fact, they may see a more sustained therapeutic benefit than they would treating with medications. 

In our practice, we believe that education is just as important as treatment itself, so we offer health and lifestyle classes regularly as well as new patient orientations, so that every patient can get the most out of their experience with us.

Aside from these classes and one-on-one individual consultations, we provide a variety of services and treatments to our patients including traditional chiropractic adjustments, functional exercise, athletic performance care, prenatal adjustments, pediatric adjustments, therapeutic massage, and thermography. Additionally, we perform and evaluate X-Rays right on site so the doctors can see exactly what is happening with each patient and design a treatment plan specific to those needs.

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Health First Chiropractic Clinic offers free educational classes.  
These classes allow you to meet the doctors, ask questions and
find out why we get such amazing results. 
Feel free to bring your friends and family to the classes -
they can also learn how to play a vital role in the recovery of your health. 

We want you feel comfortable and informed while deciding if this is the right practice for you and your family.   


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